The adoption of the EU Non-Financial Directive in Germany

30 July 2015 in Blog posts

The German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has issued a concept paper on the adoption of the EU non-financial directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups. Currently, there is a lively debate going on in Germany about the pros and cons of “non-financial” information in financial …

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More than a third of Dutch listed companies are working towards <IR>

15 July 2015 in News releases

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has welcomed the increased take up of Integrated Reporting by Dutch firms in a new report just published. Eumedion, which represent institutional investors’ interests in corporate governance in the Netherlands, have found that “more than one-third of Dutch listed companies are working on preparations for changing over to Integrated …

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June Newsletter

9 July 2015 in Newsletter

In this issue: IIRC calls for market-led action to enhance confidence in <IR> More than a third of Dutch listed companies are working towards <IR> How should you report on human capital? Happy Anniversary to ICGN, WBCSD, Black Sun, UNGC and CERES! A Global Investor Perspective

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Connecting quarterly updates to Swedfund’s long-term value creation activities

6 July 2015 in Blog posts

In April 2015 Swedfund, the Swedish state’s development project finance institution, published it first Integrated Report. Inspired by the International <IR > Framework the report represents an important step for our commitment to greater accountability and transparency. Swedfund’s mission is to contribute to poverty reduction through financing sustainable business. Building on over 35 years experience …

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Opportunities and necessities from a long-term investor’s view

3 July 2015 in Blog posts

While the annual report remains the most important information source for investors, the reports in their present form do not provide a sufficiently true and fair picture of the company. This is due to the intensive weight factors like ESG, brand values, customer and employee loyalty, market position (concept of capitals) that increasingly impact the …

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Integrated Reporting is taking off in France

2 July 2015 in Blog posts

Here we are! The idea of integrated reporting is significantly growing in France. It does not mean that numerous integrated reports will be published next year, but that most major French companies have now assimilated the idea. Most are at least pondering what it could mean for them over the next few years. It was about time. …

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A global investor perspective

29 June 2015 in Blog posts

Cars, investments and intangible assets What matters to the modern day car buyer? According to consumer surveys, style and appearance rank highly but the most important factors are reliability, price, running costs, fuel efficiency and safety.  New cars incorporate technology such as lane departure warning systems, automatic parking, integrated communication and stop start capabilities. In …

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May Newsletter

4 June 2015 in Newsletter

In this issue: IIRC meets in London The market acknowledges the value of Integrated Reporting Japanese report calls for <IR> CDSB and IIRC sign statement of collaboration

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CDSB and IIRC sign statement of collaboration

4 June 2015 in IIRC's news

The IIRC has signed a statement of collaboration with the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), timed for the launch of the CDSB Framework for reporting environmental and natural capital information in mainstream financial reports on 8 June 2015 The statement of collaboration sets out the organizations’ shared vision of a corporate reporting regime that will deliver …

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