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A roadmap for accelerating integrated reporting assurance

26 March 2021

Since the IIRC was formed with the support of IFAC in 2010, the number of organizations using integrated reports to communicate their value creation story has increased, with now more than 2,500 businesses in over 70 countries implementing integrated reporting. While this is significant progress, to achieve greater confidence in integrated reporting, we believe assurance …

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Strengthening an integrated report using SASB Standards

9 March 2021

Markets increasingly recognize that the ability of business to create value relies on more than financial capital alone. For proof, look no further than the growing gulf between a typical firm’s enterprise value and the net assets on its balance sheet. A major driver behind the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Sustainability Accounting Standards …

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Producing Philip Morris International Inc.’s first integrated report

8 February 2021

Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer, PMI; Marie Corger, Head of Sustainability Materiality & Reporting, PMI; and Robert G. Eccles, Visiting Professor of Management Practice, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford explain how they approached PMI’s first integrated report   On June 30, 2020 Philip Morris International, Inc. (PMI) published its first integrated report titled  “Delivering …

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Integrated Reporting & Investor Relations Collaboration: A Momentous Step for Investor Confidence and Capital Markets

3 December 2020

Integrated Reporting Turkey Network (ERTA) continues to progress with a domino effect triggered by its strategic partnerships and goal-oriented collaborations and to add value. Being aware that collaboration and the synergy of collaboration will be one of the most important requirements to achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, ERTA carries out sustainable activities that will have …

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Charles Tilley’s closing remarks to the IIRC Global Conference 2020

3 December 2020

We end our conference on the day that the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres will say that the world faces a, “moment of truth” on climate – words echoed by the Prince of Wales in his address to us on Monday. But I believe we have shown over these last three days that we …

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A shared vision for a comprehensive, globally accepted corporate reporting system

11 September 2020

Today, the IIRC has joined forces with CDP, CDSB, GRI and SASB to provide a shared vision for a comprehensive, globally accepted, corporate reporting system that includes both financial accounting and sustainability disclosure connected via integrated reporting. There has never been a more important time for the principles and concepts of integrated reporting to be …

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A cohesive and connected future for reporting in Europe

6 August 2020

In 2014, the European Commission identified integrated reporting as ‘one step ahead’ of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Hundreds of businesses across Europe should be commended for taking this step in the intervening years, with many of Europe’s largest businesses successfully embedding integrated thinking and reporting into the way they do business. Driven by the desire …

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Developing personal integrated thinking in the age of crisis

16 June 2020

Developing personal integrated thinking in the age of crisis COVID 19 has seen widespread global disruption at levels unprecedented in human history. And yet, humans have never been as connected as they are now – a result of rapid advances in technology, and a global connection coming in the form of one economy. Even if …

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