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Classifying Assets within Relational Capital

25 January 2017

Just as there are specialist in the structuring and management of financial capital, human capital, natural capital and even intellectual capital, so there are an emerging group of specialists in relational capital.  The key task of those specialists is to enable general management to understand how to handle relational capital alongside the other five capitals …

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The importance of Integrated Reporting for internal decision making

24 January 2017

While much of the focus on Integrated Reporting has been on the needs of external stakeholders, the needs for better internal decision making can be significantly improved through utilizing the six capitals approach. As an example in 2014 I worked with a US industrial service company which serves the steel industry, to incorporate a checklist …

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Relational Capital – So What?

6 January 2017

The idea that there is some hypothetical value in relationships is obvious to most people but it remains a vague idea for many companies and accountants.  Relational capital is a significant element of the International <IR> Framework but companies are only just learning to think fluently about it.  It functions very differently from the other …

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Illuminating value through best practice corporate reporting

5 January 2017

The corporate reporting landscape is changing. As investors and other stakeholders demand more relevant disclosure in corporate reports, new legislation, frameworks and guidelines are pushing organisations towards broader definitions and discussions of value creation. In the UK, the preparation of strategic reports in line with Financial Reporting Council (FRC) guidance demands improvements in quality and …

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Integrated Thinking and Reporting in Practice

4 January 2017

On November 17th and 18th  2016 over 250 delegates from Business and Academia attended in Rome the Integrated Thinking and Reporting in Practice Conference. Delegates from a large variety of Countries included a diverse group of leaders from business organizations, investment companies, rating agencies, professions and academia. Organized by LUISS University, The University of Roehampton …

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The dark side of information vs integrated thinking: the final battle!

22 November 2016

Increasingly integrated thinking is a vital and inspiring principle, it certainly is in my organization, and in the future I believe that will be the case in every corporation. It is integral to Integrated Reporting – the virtuous cycle of integrated thinking and reporting that can so positively transform behavior and performance. Integrated Reporting is …

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We have made history together – thank you!

27 October 2016

In this final blog as IIRC Chief Executive, Paul Druckman reflects on the scale and pace of change that the <IR> movement has been instrumental in bringing about. When Harvard Business Review published its annual ranking of the world’s best performing CEOs in November 2015, for the first time incorporating broader issues such as governance …

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Six ideas for improving reporting – and by extension, corporate governance

12 October 2016

The Purpose of the Corporation Project, with the support of the Modern Corporation Project at Cass Business School, launched two years ago the Corporate Governance for a Changing World Roundtable Series. After holding events in six different countries and speaking to over 260 leaders in business management, investment, regulation, academic and civil society communities, we …

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Argüden Governance Academy: A Change Agent to Build Trust for Institutions

12 October 2016

It was such a beneficial experience for us to prepare the Argüden Governance Academy’s Annual Report for its first full year of operation, in line with the International <IR> Framework. Institutions generally share their financials, operations, sustainability position in their annual reports in different sections, in a separate manner. However, an integrated report seeks the …

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