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On Governance: How Integrated Reporting Helps Define and Measure Value

22 February 2019

‘On Governance’ is a series of guest blog posts from corporate governance thought leaders. The series, which is curated by the Conference Board Governance Center research team, is meant to serve as a way to spark discussion on some of the most important corporate governance issues. This is the first part of a two-part series about …

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Using reporting to drive integrated thinking

21 February 2019

We recently hosted an introductory course in integrated thinking for our clients and a few colleagues. What we learned was quite inspiring – over the last eight years, the gap between “better practice disclosure” and corporate communication is closing fast. A business’ social licence to operate and its role in sustainable value creation are genuinely …

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The new reputational landscape

19 February 2019

According to the Edelman ‘Trust Barometer’, trust in business now stands at just 43%. What’s more, the 2018 Reputation Dividend Report estimates that corporate reputation is now directly responsible for an average of 38% of market capitalisation of FTSE 350 companies. With these stark statistics in mind, we have dedicated issue 4 of our thought-leadership publication, ‘Reporting Matters’ …

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Why integrated reporting suits our investment philosophy

9 January 2019

Dr Roland Rott, Head of ESG at La Française Asset Management, shares his insights into why La Française has signed the IIRC’s investor statement signalling its support for integrated reporting We are delighted to sign the Investor Statement of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in support for integrated reporting. By doing so we want …

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New alignment project can ‘cut the clutter’ in business reporting

7 November 2018

Business knows it has to change to survive. The concept of ‘business as usual’ has become redundant. It is now commonplace in business circles to hear dire warnings about how artificial intelligence will fundamentally disrupt today’s business models, how the contract between business and society is breaking down, and how climate change adaptation will strand …

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Changing the way companies disclose, operate and think

17 October 2018

The IIRC was founded in 2010 with the goal to provide tooling, modeling and thought leadership to represent how companies around the world work and measure success in the 21st century. The goal was to create a globally accepted framework for a process that results in communications by an organization about value creation over time. With …

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Integrated reporting in the United States

10 October 2018

In August, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, “In speaking with some of the world’s top business leaders I asked what it is that would make business (jobs) even better in the U.S. “Stop quarterly reporting & go to a six month system,” said one. That would allow greater flexibility & save money. I have asked …

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