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Evidence that the ‘momentum phase’ is taking off

5 August 2019

Academics Delphine Gibassier (Audencia Business School), Carol Adams (Durham University Business School and Swinburne Business School) and Tiphaine Jerome (University of Grenobles Alpes) write about the recent research they have undertaken into the uptake of integrated reporting globally.  As the IIRC’s ‘momentum phase’ gets underway, the French Autorité des Normes Comptables (ANC, French Accounting Standardization …

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Framework providers should be collaborative rather than competitive

28 June 2019

Corporate Reporting and Investor Expectations Conference and the Bell Ceremony, 18 June 2019, Borsa Istanbul Along with the development of and the growing interest for integrated reporting in Turkey, an international conference had been initiated by the Integrated Reporting Network Turkey (ERTA) for exploring corporate reporting and investor expectations. The conference, which was organized in collaboration …

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I was inspired, 2019 International Integrated Reporting Conference

14 June 2019

What could Africa learn from the 2019 International Integrated Reporting Conference (IIRC), hosted in London on May 16 -17, 2019. This is what I reflected on after participating and speaking in the inspiring conference attended by over 250 business, investor, accountancy and regulatory leaders. I identified four key lessons that the IRC of South Africa and particularly the Africa Integrated Reporting Council …

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India adopts integrated reporting

14 June 2019

Corporate reporting in India is evolving to be more transparent and holistic driven by regulatory changes and broader stakeholder expectations. Over the past decade Indian companies have increasingly focused on investing in, managing and reporting on environmental and social aspects. In 2017 the Securities Exchange Body of India (SEBI) endorsed the voluntary adoption of integrated …

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Speech from Dominic Barton, Chair, International Integrated Reporting Council, to the IIRC Global Conference “Inspiring Alignment through Value-Creation”

17 May 2019

Speech from Dominic Barton, Chair, International Integrated Reporting Council, to the IIRC Global Conference “Inspiring Alignment through Value-Creation”, London, 17 May 2019 I’d like to start by explaining why I’m committed to and interested in helping to drive integrated reporting and integrated thinking into the system.  Second, I want to give a sense of where …

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Game-changing governance set to reshape Indian corporate culture

24 April 2019

Whilst game-changing governance is set to reshape the Indian corporate culture, impetus should also be on making the culture effective and ethical, finds IR Magazine’s Andrew Holt It’s not hyperbole to say that 2018 was a corporate governance game-changer for India. It was the year the securities regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India …

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Many paths, one direction: The compass of integrated reporting that shows the way

18 April 2019

India is one of the fastest growing economies. Yet, corporate reporting in India faces many headwinds.  Regulatory pressures have led to companies producing many different reports – annual reports, CSR reports, Business Responsibility Reports (BRR), sustainability reports and reports that indicate compliance with emission and effluent standards. This has led to a multiplicity of reports …

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新時代の経営課題の解決につながる統合報告という考え方と 国際統合報告評議会(IIRC)の役割

17 April 2019





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2015 was the turning point for ABN AMRO

3 April 2019

A turning point, because it changed how we viewed our role and potential to create meaningful, long-term value.  Did we realise the significance at the time? I am not sure. But today, we are very aware of it. That year we published our first integrated report. It was the year we chose not only report …

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