Technology companies join forces to set out steps for analysing, using and communicating data

19 June 2018

Leading technology companies have joined forces to look at how technology can enhance the way businesses analyse, use and communicate data. Atos, Deloitte, EY, Finext, KPMG, PwC, SAP, Satriun Group and Tagetik have worked together through the <IR> Technology Initiative, convened by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), to develop ‘A Chief Information Officer guide’ …

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Intangible Balance Sheet

14 June 2018 in Blog posts

To transform governance, accountability and decision making to a framework based on the six capitals of the integrated reporting model, will require investors, boards and management to give as much attention to non-financial capital to that traditionally given to financial capital. What might hasten this transition is to apply the traditionally proven approaches of financial …

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Value creation in today’s world

13 June 2018 in Blog posts

A focus on value creation for your own organization – the way to promote inclusion and long-term thinking ‘Purpose’ has become popular in recent times. It is a word now to be found in many CEO letters in annual reports, and used as a short hand for restating or redefining the social role of companies, …

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IIRC launches new <IR> Network group to drive integrated thinking

11 June 2018 in IIRC's news

The International Integrated Reporting Council launches the Integrated Thinking & Strategy special interest group on 12 June 2018 at an event held in London. The group, a subset of the international <IR> Network, offers world-renowned and innovative organizations the opportunity to share thinking about developing strategy across multiple capitals, learn from world leaders and co-create a …

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Bringing extinction accounting into the heart of integrated reporting

4 June 2018 in Blog posts

Scientists declare that we have now entered the sixth mass extinction on planet earth, that they identify is a direct result of human – and corporate – activity. From insects to mammals, trees to flowers, species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. The corporate world and society rely entirely on the healthy functioning of …

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Generali Srbija’s integrated reporting journey

4 June 2018 in Blog posts

Generali Osiguranje Srbija issued its third integrated report on May 31, 2018 having resolved to change corporate publications in Serbia, from financial reporting based on historic information to integrated reporting based on future strategy. Generali Osiguranje Srbija is the largest private owned company in the insurance market in Serbia, the market leader in health and …

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The Role Model for Capital Markets Institutions: Borsa Istanbul Releases Its First Integrated Annual Report

30 May 2018 in Blog posts

Social value and economic profit can be and should be realized simultaneously. Increasing concerns regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues raise the need for businesses to be more involved with these challenges. Today, corporate performance is no longer evaluated only on financial criteria. It is widely accepted that companies should be the solution, not …

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Borsa Istanbul releases first integrated report

25 May 2018 in In the news

Borsa Istanbul has today announced the publication of its first integrated report. The IIRC has a Memorandum of Understanding with Borsa Istanbul to help build adoption of integrated reporting in Turkey. Announcing the publication of their report, Borsa Istanbul stated: “On November 13, 2017, Borsa İstanbul and International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) signed a collaboration …

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